Desert Safari in Dubai.

desert safari dubai

Desert Safari in UAE

Scorching heat and desert ships moving alongside the Arabian peninsula over golden sands revealing the ultimate miracle of god defines the true beauty of an Arabian desert amidst sunset and sunrise. Dubai as we know it has excelled itself than most other neighboring countries and has reached new heights of commercialism. It has very acutely converted the whole concept into an amazing adventure ride attractive to people of all ages and cultures.

Desert safari is an iconic tourist activity in Dubai. It’s a must do and people who haven’t done it haven’t actually experienced the true essence of desert. There are multiple vendors and lots of service providers who would take you on a tour to desert safari. It actually is one of the most marketed tourist activities in town. Available on sale in every hotel at their concierge desk or their tourism desk or in a lot of malls and other major tourist attractions. In essence it is difficult to miss it.

As I mentioned earlier on the commercialism part, Dubai has set trends to such limits that it has economic efficiency in its tourism. This means that you would find yourself multiple levels of desert safari being sold by different vendors. So there is the cheap one and there is the most expensive highly luxurious one as well. It all depends on the depth of your pockets what you are seeking for.

The experience is amazing, it usually start in the afternoon around 3:00 pm when a land cruiser or a Nissan patrol will collect you from your hotel or your desired location. They will take you along the outskirts towards Al Baadia and then enter the golden sands and calms and calamities of the desert. It’s out there in the wild, with a bumpy ride along the local term “ ramal “ you find peace and tranquility at its very best. Silence is the virtue of the land and you can actually hear wind passing by you. The sunset is even more amazing. The site is just indescribable. Words wont do justice to this nature bounty. It reminds you of simpler times and the birth and origins of humans as a civilization.

The journey then embarks into a camp, which provides food and refreshments in the most Arabic way possible. There would be sheesha and local cuisine, nie and interesting people to hangout with. Socialize and cherish the day, and when the night dust settles it embarks you back to your destination, the modern world, with hustle bustle of the city. For days to come it stays as a dream in your mind for the future that lies ahead, may it have the same tranquility as the sunset below the land of gold.