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Indigo Rent a Car JLT, (hereinafter referred to as the LESSOR) being the lawful owner of the motor vehicle described overleaf (hereinafter called the vehicle) hereby rents to the Customer (hereinafter referred to as the LESSEE) who signed overleaf subject to all terms and provisions overleaf and provisions herein on this rental agreement in consideration whereof the LESSEE acknowledges and agrees that.

1. The LESSEE declares that he/she along with their representative/s whose name is mentioned overleaf in the column User Name ‘s’ is licensed to drive the hired vehicle according to the UAE traffic laws.

2.  In the agreement the expression ‘period of hire’ shall mean the period from the renting of the vehicle including the replacement vehicle/s if any to the time it is redelivered into the custody of the LESSOR.

3.  The LESSEE acknowledges that the vehicle was delivered to him/her in good and road worthy condition and agrees to return the same condition with all accessories to the LESSOR’s sales / service center or other as specified overleaf on the date agreed or sooner upon demand of the LESSOR. The LESSOR reserves the right to repossess the vehicle at any time without demand at Renters expense if vehicle is used in violation of this agreement.

4.  The LESSEE is responsible for the cost of fuel and oil consumed during the period of hire and has to ensure that at all times the vehicle is correctly filled with suitable oil, coolant, battery water and the tyres are kept properly inflated and also the vehicle and instruments are not tampered with or damaged. A good standard of cleanliness should also be maintained during the period of hire. Failure to carry out these checks could result in damage to the vehicle in which case the LESSEE will be responsible for all repair costs incurred.

5. The LESSOR absolves itself of any responsibility for any cash or valuables belonging to the LESSEE that may be lost whilst the vehicle is in his/her possession or after the entire period of hire or when the vehicle is taken for service repairs.

6. The LESSEE should ensure that he/she signs the check-out and check-in documents at the time of delivery or return of the vehicle, otherwise the time in and out and date mentioned in the agreement overleaf will be treated as the time and date of hire and off-hire for billing purposes.

7. The LESSEE shall be liable to keep the car clean otherwise AED 50 for exterior and AED 300 will be charged for interior cleaning.

8. Due date mentioned in the agreement is the expected date of return of the vehicle by the LESSEE which may be extended as mutually agreed in writing.


  • For the delayed payment the lessee are giving maximum 2 weeks to clear the payment otherwise it will be considered as violation to this agreement and suitable action such as repossessing of vehicle or legal action, if so required, will be taken. Moreover, the LESSOR then reserve the right to change the rates as mentioned on the contract to prevailing per day market rates of the subject vehicle. Non-payment, also releases the LESSOR from having to provide back-up maintenance and/or replacement vehicle, and any damages resulting due to this will be the lessee’s responsibility who will be liable to compensate the LESSOR for the repairs.
  • For corporate customers who have provided an LPO; if a vehicle is hired or kept for a period exceeding 1 month, a monthly invoice will be raised which has to be settled within the agreed credit period. (48 hours unless otherwise agreed)
  • For individual customers who have provided a credit card; if a vehicle is hired or kept for a period exceeding 1 month, the LESSOR will charge the credit card at the invoice due date every month and no further notice will be given by Indigo Rent A Car JLT. Invoices may be delivered at a Dubai address or may be collected from any of our offices by prior agreement. If alternative payment arrangements are desirable for any invoice it is the LESSEE’s responsibility to arrange for such payment in advance of the due date, if Indigo Rent a Car JLT has not received other payments by the due date we will charge the card that we hold on the contract.
  • For Customers who are paying by cash arrangements should clear off their dues as soon as they incur. A grace period of 24 hours shall be granted after which the company has the right to confiscate their vehicles. In such an event the customer shall be liable to recovery charges and all other expenses incurred during the rental period. All these expenses if not paid shall be declared as liabilities on the customer, which would need to be cleared by the customer.
  • In case of payment by cheque every bounce cheque will be charged an extra AED 300/- as cheque bounce charges.

10. The LESSEE is liable to pay the LESSOR:

  • Rental charges agreed between LESSOR and LESSEE as detailed overleaf and all charges accrued as a result of this agreement until the end of the period of hire.
  • Additional LESSEE rental charges, including service charges / parking charges if the vehicle is left elsewhere without informing the LESSOR in writing and/or without the written consent of the LESSOR.
  • Cost of repair due to any kind of misuse and negligence including but not limited to, running the vehicle without maintaining required water level, engine oil levels and all other basic requirements for smooth running of the vehicle and/or operating the vehicle off-road or on an uneven area. LESSEE shall be obliged to pay the LESSOR the basic rental charges until the repairs have been completed.
  • Traffic fines and salik charges or any other related expense incurred as a result of traffic violation/s committed during the term of rental agreement will have to be paid by the LESSEE irrespective of any time delay in notification of the same by the UAE traffic authorities. The LESSEE’s immediate response to such notification is required. The onus to obtain the documentary proof if any, from the authorities rests entirely with the LESSEE.
  • It will be deemed that the LESSEE has accepted the LESSORS invoice in full in the event that the LESSEE has not lodged any written objections with the LESSOR within 7 days of the date on the invoice.
  • In case of an early off-hire of the vehicle other than as specified in the Rental Agreement, the LESSOR reserves the right to charge the rental on a daily basis at daily basic rate as mentioned in the Indigo Rent a Car JLT rate list. The LESSOR also reserves the right to disallow any discount in case of late or delayed payment.


  • The Rental charges include free periodical servicing firstly at 1000 km. for a new vehicle and thereafter at every 5000 km. Prior notice (2 days) for service or complaints is necessary from the LESSEE so as to provide a replacement vehicle which may or may not be a similar type of vehicle for the duration of maintenance and servicing of the hired vehicle. In case of breakdown replacement will be provided with the least possible delay. The LESSEE is responsible for returning the replacement vehicle within 24 hours from notification from Indigo Rent a Car JLT that the original Vehicles servicing or maintenance is complete. Failure to do so will be deemed as a breach of the terms & conditions of this agreement, and full charges will apply.
  • The LESSEE also undertakes to return the vehicle to the LESSOR for periodical service. In case of delayed services a fine of AED 200 will be issued on per 1000 km. In case of serious damages to the engine due to late services the customer will be liable to pay total amount of damages. The period of hire shall be extended to cover the time taken to repair such damages; LESSEE must not let anyone work of the vehicle without Indigo Rent a Car JLT written permission. Failing to do so will be deemed negligent, for any mechanical defect that may manifest due to any way the LESSOR reserves the right to take possession of the vehicle and carry out any repairs required.
  • The LESEE agrees to pay the LESSOR for any damages caused to the tyres and or/ rims whilst the vehicle is in his/her possession, furthermore any driving in puddle of water or any other territory which possesses risk of damage to the vehicle resulting in any kind of damages shall responsibility of the LESSEE as the same cannot be claimed from the insurers. Punctures if any are to be repaired by the LESSEE. Damage to the tyres due to punctures will be charged to the LESSEE.


  • All accidents will be immediately reported to the appropriate police authorities and the necessary police reports obtained. Accident reports can be lodged on telephone number 999 for all the Emirates. Further, all accidents involving the vehicle will also be reported to the LESSOR in writing immediately.
  • The vehicles are comprehensively insured in accordance with the UAE laws. The LESSEE will be responsible for a maximum liability against accidents / damages of Dhs1750 / 5000/- or actual charges if less for any damage or repair costs, as mentioned in the police report. Police report which does not mention third party or in other words which cannot be recovered against any third party shall not be entertained and will be considered responsibility of the LESSEE. In the absence of a police report the LESSEE’s liability will not be limited to the amount stated above or overleaf. Personal Accident insurance cover for the driver and his immediate relatives in respect of death or bodily injures will not be covered in any case whatsoever.
  • Insurance will not be covered for any driver whose age is less than 25 years old or any driver whose driving licensee is less than one year old.


  • The vehicle will not be used:
    • by any person who:
      • is not properly licensed to drive the vehicle and/or& not authorized in writing in advance by the LESSOR NOT AUTHORIZED BY LESSOR.
      • Has given a fictitious or false name, age, address, telephone number and license details.
      • Is under the influence of alcoholic drinks or drugs/narcotics, or any other substance impairing consciousness or ability to react.
      • Has at any time been convicted of any motoring offense unless details have been disclosed to the LESSOR and LESSOR’s approval in writing is sought and obtained.
      • is under the age of 25years or possesses a license which is less than one year old.
    • in any manner which would or might render the insurance void.
    • To subject or to carry passengers or property for life or reward or for the LESSEE’s business purposes unless he has the necessary license or permits.
    • To carry a greater number of persons than that for which it was designed.
    • For any illegal purposes.
    • To carry a load which is improperly secured or loaded or which overloads the vehicle or which would or might cause damage to the vehicle or other road users and/or public property, including hazardous substances.
    • To propel or tow another vehicle, trailer or other object, viii. For racing, pace making, reliability trails, rallies, speed testing, driving tuition or similar purposes. ix. to carry any sort of alcoholic drinks and/or drugs/narcotics. Additionally in case the vehicle is impounded / detained by the police the LESSEE will be liable to pay the LESSOR all charges (including accrued rental), losses, damages, fines and penalties and expenses by this reason or in respect thereof. x. Outside the country of rental unless pre-authorized by written permission of the LESSOR also in geographical areas that have been deemed by the LESSOR as restricted ones.

14. The LESSEE must ensure that the vehicle is parked in a safe and secure place and locked when it is not in use. Any damage caused to the vehicle and lost keys .the LESSEE will be liable for the amount as mentioned in clause 14 (a) and (b) 15

15. All vehicles including but not limited to 4 x 4 are for driving on paved roads only. Any off-road usage should be prearranged and with permission obtained in writing from the LESSOR for all vehicles including 4WD, otherwise driving off-road is not permitted. LESSEE will be charged for any damage caused due to driving in breach with the above stipulations. In the event of a breakdown off-road or away from a public road it is the LESSEE’s responsibility to bring the vehicle back onto the road at the LESSEE’s expense.

16. If any breach of the terms of this agreement is committed then the LESSOR shall be entitled, but without prejudice to any other rights and remedies it may have, to immediately terminate the rental of the vehicle and to recover possession thereof.

17. Salik will be billed as AED 5/- per salik toll.

18. Fuel charges will be applicable as AED 25/- per quarter of a tank.

19. Daily mileage allowance will be 150 KM, anything above that will be charged as AED 0.25/KM.

20. A grace period of 2 hours shall be allowed on return date. Further delay shall cause excess charge of complete day.

21. All fines and RTA liabilities shall be responsibility of the customer. Cash deposit shall be kept for 25 days after check in date to compensate for fines. After 25 days the deposit shall be returned via cheque but the LESSEE shall still be liable to clear any RTA liabilities incurred during the rental period. . The LESSEE duly authorizes such action. Documentation and handling charges of AED 50/- shall be charged per fine. In case of credit cards, Indigo Rent a Car has all the rights to charge fines or any other liabilities resulting in rental period.

22. Latest time for check in shall be 6:00 pm. No check in on Friday and Government holiday.

23. In case of confiscation of vehicles a charge of AED 500/- shall be levied for recovering the vehicle from the LESSEE.

24. Minimum charges for lost Keys will be AED 1500/-. These charges are subject to vary depending on the brand of the vehicle.

25. In case of expired registration the customer will pay a fine of AED 300 per month on expired tenure.

26. The LESSOR reserves the right to change its terms and conditions without any notice to any parties

27. This agreement shall be governed by and construed according to the laws of the UAE. All legal charges and solicitors fees shall be borne by the LESSEE and both parties agree accordingly.

28. Language – In the event of conflict between the text of this agreement in the English language and the text of this agreement in the Arabic language or any other Arabic translation and any competent court determining that such Arabic text or translation shall prevail, it is agreed the English text of this agreement shall nevertheless be used to assist in any interpretation.

29. The LESSEE acknowledges that person- related data to this rental agreement will be automated processed. He/She agrees expressly that this data can be communicated to third parties, especially for credit protection purposes.

NOTE : Terms and conditioned are all applicable on rented vehicles kindly must follow all conditions which mentioned so precisely here.

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